Things To Check Before You Drive

Driving is an activity that requires undivided attention irrespective of the skill and expertise of the driver. It becomes really essential to pay attention to a few things before you start your vehicle. Some of the points mentioned below may seem trivial, but they play a very important role and improve your driving.

Whether going for a short trip or taking your vehicle to the office,driving school Broadmeadows recommends checking these tips before you start driving.

Check the fuel level.

Before starting your journey, you must check your car to ensure there is adequate fuel in the tank. This prevents unexpected delays on the way. You can also set a timer to refill the fuel level, depending on your usage.

Adjust your mirrors

Driving school Deer Park teaches all-new drivers the importance of checking all the mirrors of your car before driving. Your outer rearview mirror should give you a clear view of a small portion of your car and what’s beside it. Also, the inner rear view mirror should be adjusted to give you a view of what’s behind your vehicle through the rear windscreen.

Wipe off all the mirror and glasses

Glasses or mirrors can have spots or watermarks that can affect visibility. Clean all your mirrors and glasses regularly to ensure a better view. Also, remove any twig or leaves from the surface of the mirror and glasses.

Adjust your seat 

This point becomes extremely important when more than one person uses a car. What is a good seating position for one person may not be the same for another person. Driving school Bundoora teaches how to adjust your seat to ensure you can reach the pedals and brakes easily. You should be comfortable driving and maintaining a comfortable distance from the steering wheel to ensure better control. Also, check all the mirrors once again after you have adjusted your seat to ensure a good view.

Check the brakes

This point is crucial as failing to do so may prove to be fatal. Check your brakes and make sure they have the power to stop the vehicle. Check your brake fluids as well, and in case of any doubt, it is always advisable to get your vehicle repaired by a professional before you start your journey.

Wear your seatbelt

Many cars come with an alert to remind you to fasten your seatbelt. In the absence of such an alert, you should make it a habit to fasten your seatbelt irrespective of the distance. It will not only save you from penalties but will also prove to be a lifesaver in case of any mishap or accident.

These are some of the tips that you must follow before you start driving.



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