Precautions for COVID19

Precaution for COVID19 Driving

As we all know that the corona virus had spread all over the world and its vaccine is not available, precautions are the best cure available so far. Due to this breakout, we need to take some special precautions while going outside. They are as follows:-

✓ Clean your hand more often using soap and water or sanitiser.

✓ Cover your mouth and nose using a mask.

✓ Maintain a safe distance from a person who is coughing or sneezing.

✓ If you feel sick, seek medical attention.

✓ Maintain social distancing i.e at least 1.5 metre distance while travelling outside.

✓ Clean your house’s main door handle, lock, door bell, railing, etc. regularly.

✓ After coming home from grocery store or public places, remove your shoes outside, keep car keys, mobile phone, goggles, etc. outside in a safe place, wash your hands first and then disinfect these items.

✓ Before entering home, call anyone from family to keep the door open for you so that you need not touch the door bell or handle knobs. Also change your clothes and do not wear those clothes again until they are soaked in warm water with soap and washed properly.

✓ When you are back from the grocery store, all the packed items should be kept outside the house for some time.  One should empty the items in containers and dispose off the outer packet safely. Do all this while wearing a mask

In case it is not possible to empty the plastic packets, one should wash these packets with warm water and baking soda to ensure complete safety.

✓ When you get fruits and vegetables from super market, wash them with warm water and baking soda, and then with running fresh water. Let them dry at room temperature before keeping in refrigerator.

✓ While stepping out of the house you should carry your own sanitiser bottle, water bottle and food.

✓ You must avoid touching railings of staircases and lift buttons. In case you have touched any of these, remember to sanitise your hands before touching yourself or anything else.

✓ We all disinfect our home and ourselves but we always forget to sanitise our car which we often use to travel outside. Keeping your car clean and disinfected is very important. Some parts of the car need more attention than others i.e the steering wheel and gear. The most obvious and often touched part of the car is steering wheel and gear lever.  These need to be disinfected on a regular basis and make sure you clean the entire steering wheel including the horn. After travelling, we should clean our car door handles as it is obviously most touched part of the car. Therefore, it becomes important to wipe the handles of the door both from inside and outside. Other parts to be disinfected are dash board and seat belt using alcohol solution and car seats using soap and water solution. If you are not able to do it properly yourselves, you can also seek some professional help. If you are travelling with a passenger make sure you make them sit diagonally to you to help maintain the rules of social distancing .You can also contact a driving school instructor of your area to know more what all is important regarding disinfecting your car.

We all need to work together to fight the COVID-19 and this can be done by maintaining social distancing, staying at home if you are sick, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and avoid contact with people who travel often.

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