Important Tips To Remember While Driving In Rainy Season

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Driving in rainy season can be a difficult task for the beginners. To drive safely during rainy weather one should follow some rules and regulations. They are as follows:-

✓ Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

✓Avoid areas where water is clogged – Do not drive through standing water as it may splash on someone else’s automobile causing lack of visibility or divert their attention which leads to accidents.

✓Driving through standing water can cause hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when you lose control while skidding through standing water collected on the surface of the road. If you start hydroplaning, take foot off the accelerator and steer straight slowly. Sudden turn should be avoided.

✓Always remember to turn on your windshield wipers even in light rain. Wipers can be adjusted in 3-4 speeds according to your requirement.

✓ Turn on the defogger and air conditioner while driving in rainy weather as the rain causes humidity, due to which the windshield and windows are blocked by fog, resulting in lack of visibility in the front and on sides.  One can improve visibility by utilizing the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) function in their conveyance. Rotate the knobs of the air conditioner in a way that the air flows towards the dash board. By doing this, you can clear the fogged windshield.

✓ Drive at a lesser speed that is allowed in a particular area during rain. It is advised to drive at a low or moderate speed and to use light braking periodically because the friction between the tyres of your Vehicle and the road is comparatively less. Hence, instant braking can make you lose control of your conveyance which would result in the vehicle skidding or aquaplaning.

✓Do not forget to turn on your vehicle’s headlights at lower beam. This will increase your visibility and it also helps others to see your automobile on dead turns and can avoid accidents.

✓Always check your vehicle equipments especially in rainy season. Your vehicle wipers should be working properly and check the water level used to clean the windshield. Check tyre condition and make sure that it is not worn out as it would skid in water. Check air pressure in tyres and always check your fuel tank before leaving.

✓ Be cautious while merging into different lanes and watch for other vehicles. Avoid overtaking in rainy weather.

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