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With Australia’s COVID-19 contamination graph crossing 13,000 marks; its high time that you strictly follow every precautionary measure. You must have been already taking good care of your everyday-belongings such as decontaminating your furniture, sofas, doors, door-knobs, washroom, clothing, even your pets. But do you really take your car on this list too?

Some people may tend to think that cars are supposed to have less contamination chances as compared to two-wheelers because a car has an enclosed space & shape. However, in reality, four-wheelers are bigger fomite, i.e. more likely to carry contamination. So, before you step into your car and after you return, you must sanitise it in order to make it contamination-free.

Here Raja Driving School, one of the leading driving schools in Broadmeadows, Melbourne, shares some useful tips to de-contaminate your vehicle.

  • Clean High-Touch Surfaces

There are surfaces you touch more frequently, such as the steering wheel, knobs, switches, screen, buttons, and more. Make sure you clean these by using a sprayer sanitizer (with Isopropyl alcohol content more than 70%). If you don’t have one, you can use car-soap & water-based solution.

  • Interior & Exterior

The most important parts to clean which we often tend to overlook, are interior and exterior door handles and the car key. Sanitize these areas properly. Though headrest and window glasses are relatively low-contact parts, these too need to be cleaned once or twice in a week.

  • Disinfect the HVAC unit

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit circulates air inside the cabin, and it can carry outer germs inside the car. Given this COVID-19 outbreak, it is extremely necessary to clean the system, and it can be done easily at home. First, clean the AC vents (by spraying a liquid sanitizer, or any ammonia-based solution). Second, remove and clean the cabin filter properly (it is usually located behind the glove compartment in a car).

  • Seats

If your car seats contain rubberized or leather coating/cover, you can just use a sanitizer sprayer to de-contaminate it. However, if your seat covers are furry-ones, soap-water would be a better option.

  • Vacuum-Clean the Cabin Unit

Once in a while, it’s important to use a portable vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the cabin. In case you don’t have one, make sure you scrub and wash the carpet and floor mats, and use a disinfectant liquid on the pedals, gear-lever, handbrake lever, and rub a cloth coated in disinfectant liquid on the seats as well. In case you don’t have sanitizer or disinfectant liquid, soapy water can serve the purpose.

(Please note: Sanitizers are extremely flammable, Thus DO NOT use it when the car’s engine is still hot.)

Do remember to keep hand sanitizer and to wear a mask while you drive.

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