Anthony Albanese pushes to replace state driver’s licences with national system

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Anthony Albanese, the labor leader, deems closing down individual’s state driver’s license and establishing a national license can help reducing red ticket and boosting the economy. During his time as a federal transport minister, Mr. Albanese tried to establish a national driver’s license system, but it was unsuccessful.
Anthony Albanese told the ‘Daily Telegraph’ that there are some legitimate differences between the states such as licensing requirements for elderly drivers. The cost for being on the road also has some differences. He called on state leaders and territory heads to work together to create a new nationwide system to simplify driving post Covid-19 Pandemic.
NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said, for the plan to get the green light, the leaders should review which state’s laws to keep and which ones to eliminate. He also added that the leaders would need to assure that they are not creating a solution to an issue that does not exist.

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