All you need to know about driving

Drving school

Significance of driving

The need to drive begins when a person wants to commute from one place to another at a particular time when public transport is not available easily. If we know how to drive we can travel as per our schedule. Otherwise, we have to depend on the schedule of the public transport. This dependency on public transport makes a hole in one’s pocket when used on a regular basis due to higher cab charges that are increasing day by day. Driving also allows you to move to and fro as per your own wish which is not possible when you use public transport. In some ways public transport is better but the need to drive is increasing day by day.

Take proper guidance

Driving is not a simple task which can be learned on our own but taking proper guidance from driving schools can make it easy. Driving schools educate us about the basics of driving and make us confident enough to drive in traffic. The driving instructors can help you to learn more about safe driving. Learning to drive with proper guidance can help you in many ways. After all, you should drive according to the rules and regulations, because those who doesn’t follow rules is a threat to the society.

Start at a slow pace

When you first start driving, you should practice it in open areas like parking areas, open parks or non residential areas. Having an experienced driver in the passenger seat next to you is better while driving a car for the first time. Get rid of all the distractions while driving as they might affect your concentration on the road. Get to know your vehicle more closely and get comfortable while driving. Don’t over think the situation and let your mind relax a little bit. Try to drive in clear weather as driving in harsh conditions can be difficult for learners. Don’t drive too fast at first as it can cause accidents. It is also important to note that driving should be learnt from a professional school only because it is habit forming. If incorrect way of driving is learnt then it becomes a habit and it is very difficult to correct it later on.

Follow the rules correctly

There are many unspoken rules for driving safely, which can be learnt only through personal experience. One should always keep watching both rear view mirror and side view mirrors also to see if anyone is overtaking you from any side. Also for added safety, one should observe traffic ahead not just the vehicle in front of you. It is also very important for one to be aware of one’s vehicle’s safe distance braking capability. At any certain speed, all vehicles travel different distances before coming to a complete stop.

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