4 Ways Defensive Driving Can Reduce Driving Risk

Defensive Driving School Melbourne

Defensive Driving classes are quite essential for a new learner in order to identify any upcoming potential hazard. These types of driving training courses are beyond the basic driving rules. The big advantage of this driving technique is that the learners get to improve their driving skills by anticipating a hazardous situation and taking a good control of their vehicle with safe and wise decisions.

Raja Driving School, one the leading driving schools in Broadmeadows, shares 4 effective Defensive Driving tips that may help you reduce the risk involved behind the wheel:

  • Ensure Safety First

Always avoid aggressive driving to safeguard yourself from mishap. While on the road, maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front. Do lock your doors and fasten your seat belts. This will protect you from being thrown out from the car in case of a sudden crash.

  • Never Get Off-focused

While driving (especially on a busy road), you should always be focusing on your surroundings. It is also important to keep steady checks on the car moving ahead and behind you. Keep checking your side mirrorsand scrutinize conditions around you. In case someone is driving roughly, you should always slow down and maintain a safe distance. Moreover, if there are babies or pets where you are driving, you must keep a sharp eye on them as they can be sometimes hazardous due to their unpredictable nature.

  • Check Your Speed Limit

It’s quite a matter of common sense that over speeding tends to augment the chances of sudden mishaps. Therefore, it is quite essential to ensure that you drive within the safe speed limit and don’t go beyond. To take control of your vehicle at the time of any mishap, you must take control of the speed.

  • Have a Good Knowledge of Your Surrounding

If you are out driving in a new area, try to know about the surroundings of the area you are supposed to drive. Get well acquainted with short and alternative routes beforehand with the help of Google Map. This will help you reach your destination much faster, safer and on-time.

Besides, do avoid unnecessary distractions such as taking calls, texting, keeping eyes off road or talking to the person on the back seat. Just pay full attention to your driving.

Thus, if you are thinking about taking a Defensive Driving Course, you can get in touch with our Defensive Driving School in Broadmeadows, Melbourne. We’re here to make you feel safer behind the wheels.

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