4 Common Driving Mistakes New Learners Often Make

We often see new learners; even the veterans do mistakes while driving. Some new drivers use dangerous driving tactics neglecting safety rules provided by the driving schools in Broadmeadows, while others abide by the instructions given by the driving instructors.

Whatever it is, here are 4 most common driving mistakes which the new learners should always look to avoid.

Driving Speed

The excitement and thrill of newly gained driving skill will tempt you to drive at a high speed. This can be regarded as one of the biggest driving mistakes committed by young learners. Obviously, it can lead to a fatal accident. That’s why all the qualified driving instructors recommend driving at a safe and manageable driving speed, especially if you are a new learner.

Safer Distance

One of the most common but crucial mistakes new drivers make while driving is not maintaining a safer distance. According to the standard road-rule, you must keep at least 2-3 car space distances (approx. 10 metre) from the car in front. If you are driving in the city, the safe distance should be 5-7 car space (approx. 15 metre). And if you’re driving in a bad weather condition or on slippery road, then try to maintain a 9-10 car space (approx. 20 meter) gap.

Turn Signals

Turn signals are basically used for other drivers to be aware of your intentions i.e. you are about to take a turn, merge or reverse-turn. So, when you are driving, it is important to use them smartly and whenever necessary.

It will allow other drivers to give you space so that you can do whatever you intend to do. Alternatively; you might come across some drivers who will refuse to give you pass and let you into the lane. Never take it personally or look to challenge them by putting yourself in danger. Allow them to pass so that you can turn or merge safely once they have crossed you.

The Screen Viewers

If you don’t clean or adjust your screen viewers on a periodic basis, it can prevent you from seeing other cars trailing you. This can lead to a wrong proximity assumption and consequently augment the chance of a collision.

If you are not fully aware of these rules and want to know a safer technique of learning driving, contact Raja Driving School, a reputed driving school in Broadmeadows.

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